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The Types of Damage Our Paintless Dent Repair Experts in Garden City, ID Can Fix for You

When it comes to your car, damage can come from almost anything, and in almost any shape imaginable. From scratches to broken windshields, flat tires to dreaded dings, you should always be prepared for the unfortunate accumulation of damage to your vehicle. If you wish to keep your car in good shape or presentable to the public, then you want to fix any and all damage that can be seen on the exterior. Instead of rushing to your local auto body repair shop, stay on this page to see what types of dents and damage our paintless dent repair specialists can help you fix.

Dents and dings come in all shapes and size depending on what caused them to begin with. If you are handy with tools, then you might find some DIY dent repair kits that can help you fix those minor imperfections. For major eyesores, you will want to turn to a trusty professional with the tools and know-how to fix the dent properly. You already know that you can count on Dent Artist Paintless Dent Removal to fix the damage on your car professionally and within a few minutes. But know that there are situations when paintless dent repair is not the right solution.

Below we will explain more about the types of dents we commonly see and fix. If you cannot find the one you have, please turn to our technicians in Garden City, ID for more information. They will be glad to inspect your vehicle and suggest the best treatment or solution for your problem.

The Types of Dents We Fix

Dings – These are more commonly seen because they tend to be caused by smaller objects or pokes, and usually easy to fix as long as no damage to the auto paint has occurred.

Round Dents – Those are caused by hailstones or similarly round objects, such as baseballs, basketballs, footballs, and more. Once one of these hits the car it causes a dimple on the surface that resembles its shape. You can see such dents on doors, bumpers, roofs, and hoods.

Crease Dents – These dents bend or crack the metal surface. When a vehicle is being produced, the car has its own metal memory formed; manufacturers do this through heating the metal and shaping it to the design required. When the car acquires a crease type dent, it is possible to lose the metal memory making it really hard to bring back the original shape.

Whatever type of dents you have, pay our technicians in Garden City, ID a visit and ask for their excellent paintless dent repair services. They will be happy to take a look at your vehicle and suggest the right solutions. For appointments, contact Dent Artist Paintless Dent Removal in advance by calling (208) 202-5246 now.


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